We were given the choice of any Shakespeare play for which to design a poster using metaphor and symbolism. I chose Macbeth for it's dramatic content. Editing, manipulating and combining my photography at that stage in my development as a designer was slightly difficult. It was a well received project that won an Addy Merrit Award. 
This poster was used at LCC to advertise a jazz ensemble playing on campus. There was a contest within my class of twenty students for a poster to be used for the event. This was the winning poster.
The poster seen here was another class project in which we were asked to create a poster for a made up exhibition called "Year of Arts and Culture". This was before I adopted my "simplistic is better" policy, but I'm still fond of this design. The doodle in the thought bubble was done in Micron pen and took about five hours to complete. 
Sketch progress detail.
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